Grow a practice to seven figures and beyond using your most important asset

Are you a healthcare professional? Are fired up to grow your practice?

Do you want to be seen as THE EXPERT? Increase prices?  

Become THE Authority in your space?  

Be there and stand out when people are looking for your services?  

Take advantage of the biggest trend on the internet…  

Video. Video. Video.  

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Here’s the fact: If you want to create a business that does not rely solely on Paid Ads or Referrals, YOU MUST BECOME A VIDEO MASTER 

Day 1

  • Input Planning the Stories 
  • The 8 Videos Everyone Needs 
  • How to Craft the Stories AUTHENTICALLY Without Scripts
  • Planning Where the Videos Will be Distributed
  • Production Pre-Planning
  • How to Setup a Mobile Studio in 20 Minutes
  • How to Pull the PERFECT Story from Your Patients
  • Essentials of Production
  • Shooting B-Rol text in this area

Day 2

  • How to Quickly Edit Patient Stories into multiple conversions to increase traffic and conversion
  • My Proven 3 Stage Editing Process (that you can easily outsource)
  • How to Quickly Optimize and Rank the Videos in Youtube and Thumbnails in GOOGLE!
  • How to Create “Virtual Referrals” Using Patient Videos
  • How to Create Incredible Patient Videos EVEN IF THEY WANT TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS
  • How to Ask for a Testimonial Without Feeling Weird
  • How to Format the Videos for Every Stage in Your Funnel
  • The Video Email Sequence that Converts More Opt-ins PLUS Rank Your Videos Higher

Day 3 (Optional)

For 5 businesses we will shoot and edit your 8 Essential Videos, B-Roll, and create a Catalog of videos. 

Many companies charge $6 to 10k JUST FOR THIS.  

 About Ian:

He's been creating online video and doing video marketing for over 10 years.  

With video production and marketing, Ian's helped: 

  • Grow a law firm from scratch to 7 figures
  • Grow an auto repair shop from 0 to 8 figures
  • Turn around a Corporate Event Company. They went from losing money to expanding into 6 cities
  • A Divorce Law firm DOMINATE their market
  • A Doctor grow a $143,000 a month practice in 6 months
  • Helped a Dentist rank CUSTOMER STORIES for their most competitive terms (and sell 5 figure cases regularly)
  • Ranked a customer story for one of the most competitive terms in Google 
  • One Professional receive 4 to 5 Five Figure Cases per month WITH NO PAID ADS
  • Create HUNDREDS of customer story videos  

 7 Healthcare Professionals Will Leave with:  

  • A Content Plan Crafted to Tell The Right Story at the Right Time
  • A Prioritized List of the videos you need to create
  • The Skills to Create both high quality videos and videos “on the fly”
  • An understanding on how to use all of the current marketing platforms out there (and when and how to hire outside help) 

Additional Information:

This is a HANDS-ON WORKSHOP, not a seminar. You will need to bring a laptop. You will have prework.

This is a beta, so you will also be shaping the content to EXACTLY what you need.



Video will pipe you directly into the mind of your perfect patient, so you become  


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